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Remix Powder 3kg for smell-free, easy home composting
  • Use a fistful to layer the waste, for smell-free composting daily.
  • A complete solution for covering waste and making compost.
  • Speeds-up the rate of getting the compost ready.
  • Keeps away the flies, as it reduces the odour.
  • Reduces the need for regular stirring.
Compost Microbes | effective compost booster
  • Just a small spoon is enough to add over the waste.
  • Accelerates the speed of composting.
  • Contains a culture of cellulolytic and lignolytic microorganisms.
OWC Aaga 550 Compost Kit| Speedy smell-free Bulk Organic Waste Converter
  • Dimensions (inches) 42\"Dia x 38\"H.
  • The AAGA is a Bulk Organic Wet Waste Converter which handles upto 18kg waste per day.
  • Ideal for composting wet waste in apartments, offices, institutions, resorts and all other communities.
  • Does not need electricity. Labour saving too.
  • Labour saving too.
  • Smell-free aerobic composting.
  • Installation & staff training provided.
  • Use in outdoor space with good ventilation.
  • Designed to be used in series - start with 1 pair.
  • Modular design allows adding units as required.
  • Every pair of AAGA’s in use keep 6570kg of wet waste from landfill a year.
  • Precautions
  • Use AAGA outdoors, away from heavy rain.
  • Maintain good hygiene in space around the AAGA composter.
  • The inside does not need to be cleaned when restarting a cycle.
  • Wipe moisture and any leechate with cloth.
  • Clean surface with mild vinegar and water solution if spoilt.
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